Class Rules for Mme Proulx’s Classroom
My goal is to create a safe and happy environment for all students in the class. I would like the students to develop and foster self-respect as well as a sense of respect for other students, adults in the school and property. These rules will be reinforced constantly throughout the year.
Les Règles:

1. Respect – Nous allons respecter les personnes, l’équipement et les meubles dans la class.
2. Écouter – Nous allons écouter les instructions et suives-les.
3. Garder – Nous allons garder la classe propre et organiser.
4. Lever – Nous allons lever la main si nous voulons parler.
5. Éviter – Nous allons éviter des conflits avec les autres étudiants.
6. S’amuser – Nous allons s’amuser!


1. We will respect the people, equipment and furniture in the class.
2. We will listen to instructions and follow them.
3. We will keep the class clean and organized.
4. We will raise our hand if we want to speak.
5. We will avoid conflicts with other students.
6. We will have fun!

If you choose to break a rule:

Every student gets three chances before receiving a "time out". If a student chooses to break a rule, I will tell the student “that’s 1”. If the behaviour persists, I will tell the student “that’s 2”. If the behaviour still continues, I will tell the student, “that’s 3, which will result in the student being asked to complete a written sheet explaining the problem, the result and a plan for a better choice should the situation occur again in the future. This will also be followed by a note home.