Here you will find many of the words that we are learning in class, whether they be high frequency words or words based on a theme. Please feel free to practice these words with your child. The words are set up as flash cards which can be printed if so desired.

Familiar Words

Here is some important vocabulary that your child worked with during grade 1. This year we will continue using this vocabulary while also adding to it as we go.

Mes mots à apprendre

This is a 10 day cycle of activities that we will be doing in order to learn and practice new words. At the beginning of the cycle we will be introduced to 10-15 new/high frequency words. Your child will make their own personal list of words they find difficult or interesting. From their own personal list they will do a series of activities that will help them become familiar with the words and enable them to comfortably use them on a day to day basis. Each new cycle I will post the original list of words and your child will write their personal lists in their agendas under “mots de la semaine” so that you can share these words with your child. If you wish to work with these words at home please feel free to do so.